Brooklyn Gives Back

Brooklyn Gives Back


Brooklyn Gives Back was started as a way to help the community that supports local businesses every day. For the 2017 Holiday Season and beyond it is our goal to create care packages for the homeless and underserved in our community. For Battery Harris this starts with food; 1 in 6 people still face hunger in America.* As a restaurant, who's purpose it is to feed and comfort people this statistic is baffling. Our goal is to start local and think global. By helping people in our community we can make a measurable difference. We are reaching out to our friends and community to help us create these Care Packs. If you or someone you know would like to donate items please email us at with the subject "Brooklyn Gives Back"

We are in need of the following items:

Hygiene products


Blankets/Sleeping Bags

Services; Hair cuts etc.,


and anything else you can think of!




December 21st

Join us at Battery Harris to Celebrate the Holidays and raise money December 21st from 4pm-12am